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This gallery will mostly have drawings of my many kinds of characters as well as storys that will have my characters in them and all and mostly things and shows that i love alot too and all .


As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL  dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake. 

Thank you for listening,

-deviantART staff 

(I  know that is fake so you don't need to tell me that since i put a link to that to help others hear about that is all).

Edit: It is a Fake here is the prove of that:…

Edit again: I am really upset right and close to crying i got a ne w laptop but it is  way too much for me and too different to my old one and i am not used to it at all and it is driving me nuts because i barely have any contorl on it so i guess i am going to be looking for another one then i did not even get to choose it because someone else did that for me . Yeah i am highly upset and close to tears and i just  want to cry at the moment because i really  wanted to be able to post up my art and roleplaying and stuff and no w i still can't do that .

Another Edit again : I got my laptop back but the keyboard is still broken so i still cannot reply to any notes or roleplays until it gets fixed and that may not be for many days so please be patient and i hope that you can understand all of this too i can at least still fave art and look at stuff on here though. I am just using someone else's computer for a short moment to post this note to you all so that you all hear this .

Edit: I am going to be getting another laptop so i can reply maybe the next day to all of my stuff if i am lucky . Not so lucky it seems i still have alot of days left before i can get a better laptop i am sorry .

Just because i am bored feel free to ask my Mass Effect Characters questions if you want (they will reply back to you in comments pretty much for now it is just my mass effect characters who i am putting down here who are open for questions and stuff like that any questions are fine to ask them by the way too I added in more characters that are not mass effect related into there too):

Mass Effect Characters:



Bone and Alious:…




Fang: (Bone's older brother who got one machine arm and got a think and strong lizard like tail i had not yet done a pic of him ethier but i will soon be doing one of him though).


Crow: (don't yet have a pic of him but i will post it up later on when i get a pic of him done though).

SolStreak: (don't yet have a pic of him up yet ethier but i will post it later on he is the older brother of Giran).


Natalia (mass effect verison of her she also got other forms too in this universe):…


Raven ( he also got two other forms as showed on that pic but his main one is most likely going to be his quarian form don't know because i am still waiting for more votes before making a choice on that but i do love his quarian one the most):…

Zarbros and Clora :…


Vox (Vitan's older brother who is often harsh and cold towards others most of the time i had not posted up a pic of him yet ethier but i will be soon posting up one of him though).

Metroid characters:


Natalia: (metroid verison of her in armor form):…

Marvel Characters:

Natalia(Ultron verison of her):…

Natalia (demon verison her true self in the x-men universe):…

Natalia (Iron man universe verison of her):…

Modana ( Iron man universe verison of her ):…



Dragon and Flaro:…




Things i am doing list:

Mass Effect related:

- A open collab using my mass effect verison of myself in this case Natalia in her Turian form ( this one is done and ready to be posted ).

- A open collab using Nathan ( Mass Effect verison of him in Turian form) he is the male counter part and side of Natalia (this one is also done and ready to be posted up ).

- Some Mass Effect bases ( got some of them done and ready to be posted up ).

Pokemon Related:

- A picture of my Deoxys oc named Ax .

- A open collab using my Deoxys oc named Ax.

And many others too like Digimon and so on.

I can't post any of them up though until my keyboard gets fixed all up but you can ask me to see them from my stash though if you like .
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: within temptation music
  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: youtube videos


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Name: Natalia.

Digimon Type: Omnimon.

True forms depending on what seasons: Omnimon (season 1) Flamedramon (season 2) and Beelzemon (season 3 ) and Agunimon (season 4) and Shinegreymon (season 5) and Tactimon (Season 6 ) and Alphamon (for digimon Hunters).

Verison of her: Season 1 .

Mother: Unknown (said to be a Metalgarurumon).

Father: Unknown ( Is said to be a Wargreymon though).

Older brother: Mario.

Personality: Sweet and caring she is often patient and respects others . She loves kids and will often look after them or help them find homes if they don't have a family to be with she also is longing to adopt a digimon child of her too. She can be brave and protective of those cares about and is a skilled healing and warrior too.

Rank: Healer and Warrior.

Other facts: Due to having both agumon and gabumon data fused in her she can also use both agumon and gabumon's evolved levels too if she chooses to.

Worse enemies: Modana (her dark counter part) and Rox (her ex-lover who betrayed her and wants to use her for a slave) And other evil forces since some want to have her for a slave because of her useful healing powers.

Likes: Animals, Roses, Making new friends, Her family and friends, Sweet food, Watching the stars, Helping others, Drawing, Writing , Reading and many others things.

Dislikes: Bullies, Seeing others in pain, Not being able to help someone, Animal abusers, People who hate someone for a stupid or silly reason, Evil forces, Those who disrespect others, Anyone who thinks girls are not as strong and smart as boys, Being reminded of her past and many a few other things.

Tamer: None (she does not have one yet she is not sure if she wants to have one just yet but she would like to have at least someone who can give her alittle backup when she needs it).

Level: Mega.

Well first off i love making new friends and i am very kind and understanding and all as well and i am good at listening to others who need someone to talk to as well.

I am also a huge digimon fan too and i love roleplaying digimon a great deal.

I'm diagnosed with mild Aspergers ( i hontestly did not even know this for a long time until now when i found a doctor's paper about it my adopted mother never really told me about that much ) It is only minor though thankfully but i still tend to forget things alot or have a short term memory of things and i also get tired easy.

I am also a huge fan of star wars and i love all the movies as well as the cartoon series as well too and all as i have many star wars characters of my own to prove that fact and all.

I love roleplaying a whole lot and i am always open to try all kinds of roleplays with others and all since after all Roleplaying is fun and helps me act out my characters and think of very good background storys for them and what thier personalitys are like as well.

I am also a very huge kirby fan too and i love kirby and have a lot of kirby ocs of my own same goes for having alot of spyro ocs too since i love spyro too.

I admit to the fact that i do love and like Yaoi aka Slash and Mature stuff and all .

I love anything that has to do with robots and all as well too as i love Power rangers and Transformers as well as Guyver and many others kinds of shows as well but i am also a huge fan of Predator and Aliens as well but i also a huge fan of Pokemon too though and one my most fave pokemons is Darkrai and all Also love Digimon and Power Rangers and many other shows and stuff my gallery pretty shows on everything that i love and like the most.

Most of my artwork and storys are all about my own characters and all and i have many characters of my own as well too and they all have a part of me that makes them speical in thier own way.

My deviantart family:

:iconbardock-x-april-4evr: : Crazy girl with a lion heart.

:iconscourgexnazo2: : My Niece.

:iconmusicandartismylife: My Insane Sister Guardian.
:iconmagmarock: Another sister of mine.

:iconchameleonist: Another one of my many sisters who means alot to me.

:iconladybeemetabeefan: Another DA Sister of mine.
My adopted daughter : Star ( a oc who belongs to :iconstar-tf: )

My Nephew: Shadowstorm

:iconbumblebeegirl1234: : My Little sister

:iconwhite-dragon-1684: : My DA brother

:iconbluemetabee: My DA cousin.

:icontheherowolf: Another one of my many da sisters who means alot to me and i would protect with my life.

:iconyinspd: : Another close friend and a sister of mine who like me is a marvel fan.

:iconprincess-okimaka039: Another one of my many sisters .

:iconmarcospsychic: : One of my Da brothers

:iconchristianathealicorn: : My little sister

:iconfcdrawer4ever: : My crazy sonic girl sister.

:iconbrittanymiller5: : My pet female Scourge.

:iconkiaraxkovu: : My dragon cat

:iconliepardmon555: : My other daughter.

:iconlpssparkle123: : Another sister of mine

:iconlightning28335: : One of my protecters.

:iconcarameja: : My Insane Niece XD

:iconwario-girl: : One of my many close sisters who i care about deeply.

:iconraptor-beast: : Another sister of mine XD i got alot of sisters now.

:iconthe-dark-fallen: : Another one of my sisters.

:iconarcticstarwhitestorm: : Another sister of mine again XD

:iconfanaticalpokeblack: : My pet bunny.

:iconinsane-corner-cat: :My Dragon.

OptimusPrime-TFPrime: My brother from another universe.

:iconaceikith-alain: : one of my brothers.

:iconashleyccyaoi: : Another little sister of mine.

:iconroyalcanterlot-rps: : My father.

:iconcolresslawliet: : One of my brothers

:iconlionponyharvestking: : My little sister

:iconwolftales1: :My Niece.

:iconbardock-sama: : A very loyal friend .

:iconlightsshadow03: : One of my brothers.

:iconmate-of-bardock: : My sister in law.

Novaxthexstar: One of my deviantart sisters.

:iconalyflamer: : Another sister of mine .

:iconwherestarscollide:: My awesome twin sister.

:icontoadettegal-tk: : Another of my many sisters on here .

:icontwilightdragon01: : My blue berry muffin eating dragon.

:iconlonelysoul45: : One of my brothers.

:iconsilver-booster: My daughter.

:icondrunkmagolor: : My pet dragon that plays Portal 2 in the basement .

:icondusty-mew: : One of my sisters.

:iconclonetroopsrule344: : One of my many sisters here on DA.

:iconcoolterra342: : One my close sisters who means alot to me.

:iconmedabotandronica: : Another one of my many sisters.

:iconthe-irish-clover: : My brother.

:iconshadowflower55: : Yet again another sister of mine.

:icondeceptipanther: : My DA son.

pony-adopts-and-more: My pet rainbow wolf

jesterCatNip: My normal colored and other pet wolf.

:iconcheesy-llama13: : My crazy younger sister who is half Llama.

allgod: My pet Nyan cat.

:iconlovela-wolf-of-stars: : The wolf girl that creeps around my window.

:iconcloneace: : My DA little sister

:iconthewatchersperch: : Another DA son of mine

Current Residence: Tericera azores
Favourite genre of music: Any music that has to do wth romance
Favourite style of art: pen style or paint style.
Wallpaper of choice: Transformers Armada
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus prime, Samus aran, ghost rider, iron man,captian rex, and many others
Personal Quote: trust in yourself and you will be happy for life

Note: Also feel free to draw or use any of my characters at anytime you like i will not mind it at all so long as you let others know that the characters are mine at least love seeing others draw and use my characters in stories after all also if you want to pair or have any of your own ocs related to any of my characters or be friends with them just ask me .

Also all of my characters are open for breeding so if you want to breed any of your ocs with them let me know it costs 1 point or a trade to breed with any of them though some of them might cost 2 or 3 points to breed with depending on which oc you want to breed with .


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I would be glad to do characters trades and requests for points too depending on what the requests or character trade for points are pretty much .

Will give a llama badge to anyone who gives me 100 points too since i do have some llamas that i want to give away for points .

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