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This gallery will mostly have drawings of my many kinds of characters as well as storys that will have my characters in them and all and mostly things and shows that i love alot too and all .


Yeah is there anyone who has not yet been added to my DA family who would like to be added into my DA family? if there is let me know and what you like to be in my DA family .

Also you are welcome to ask any of my characters questions on here in this journal too and i mean any of my characters that are in my gallery so if you want to ask them anything just check in my gallery then ask the question and tell me on who you are asking the question too pretty much.

Also i been very tired and drained lately so i may not reply too much or chat that much but of course i will still try to at least at the same time .

Edit: Need some help here i need help with the real name for Darkscorpion (my mortal kombat character i liked these names the most but can't pick on which one to keep for him so which one do you think i should pick for him? in the end of course it will be my choice but i wanted to put up a vote thing for it anyway XD):

1. Solar (0 votes).

2. Talros ( 3 votes).

3. Shade ( 1 votes).

4. Hunter ( 0 votes).

5. Rantos ( 0 votes).

And just because i want to i am adding also my list to my furture mortal kombat characters too (in this case these ones had not been born yet but at the same time i may have adult verisons of them accidently end up getting into the past at random times during roleplays from time to time. I will also be doing drawings of them all soon too. Now i am curious to see on who can guess on who thier mothers and fathers are the only hint i will give you is that thier mothers or fathers are from characters of my own from one side and the other side is from one of my friends characters XD that is a easy hint that should give it away right off the bat XD) Anyway here is the list of them. I am sure that i think that :iconkiryudragoness: can guess on who some of thier mothers and fathers are XD.

1. Nightron and Bloom and Thomas (Nightron and Thomas are the same age and Bloom is the youngest one of them. they are brothers and sister and Nightron is blind in one of his eyes which he got when he was attacked while still a child by Modan and was almost killed by him but was lucky and was not killed though and his mother saved him just in time . Nightron was also born different and half of his body is black colored and the other half is a peach shaded color and he also got a hidden pair of dragon wings on his back that he can pull in or out at anytime he chooses).

2. Klaw and Snake ( These two are brothers and are just as bad as thier mother and father are and love to cause trouble and do evil things or pick on others often both of them got snake forms and they often team up when going after thier victims too. They share a very close brotherly love bond for each other and always seem to watch out for each other's backs too).

3. Toras and Leatha ( they are brother and sister and are kind of what if kids too so they came from  a alt what if world and all in a way they both have wolf ears and wolf like tails which is a dead give away on to who thier daddy is XD).

4. Solor and Dara ( they are brother and sister both are much like thier father and are kind and caring but they can also be tough when they need to be at the same time ).

5. Rose and Stone ( Both of these two are troublemakers and are siblings Stone name fits him because he is often very cold and cruel towards others besides his sister that is . these two got snake forms too Rose is cold too and she likes to toy around with others feelings alot).

6. Windstorm and Caster ( both are brothers and are good at using both wind and water element powers they like to work together as a team and they both are normally calm and patient unless they are pushed too far that is . Windstorm is a little more older then Caster and he is quite protective of his younger brother that is for sure. Here is a hint there father was a slave).

7. Nightdust and Allros ( these two are brothers and are both quite nervous and tense often much like thier father and they both make a good time and know a few useful magic powers too . thier father used to be a slave too and they both are being careful that they won't end up getting caught and used for slaves since they don't want to go through on what thier father had to and all).

8. Zaros and Flora ( they are brother and sister . Zaros is alot like his father and is evil but does have a little good in him but is too stubborn to admit it though he is also a flirt and enjoys showing off and can at sometimes get annoying . He likes to cause trouble too and start fights sometimes too . Flora is a flirt too and she likes to watch on how others react to her when she flirts with them she is cocky abit too and is not scared to speak up for on what she wants to say. She got a hot temper too ).

9. RipNight and Darkos ( These two are brothers and all i can say is stay away from these two they are both very evil and cruel and they love to cause trouble and will often cheat to get things that they want and they also like to steal things and start fights often too. But they got all of that from thier mother and father since thier mom and dad are evil too after all ).

10. Blake and Mara ( these two are brother and sister . Blake is serious and tries to act all tough much like his father does but he got a kind side too of course and he will protect those he cares about too. Mara is sweet natured and calm and she is not quick to judge others by thier looks and she can fight very well if she needs too).

Note: I will add more stuff about all of them once i do pics of them all pretty much. Oh yeah you are welcome to ask any of them any questions only you can't ask him on who thier mothers or fathers are of course XD for the time being anyway.

Other Mortal kombat characters of mine that i am working out on :

Ace: Happens to be Leon's long lost older brother who was taken away from his family a long time back.

Duke: Leon's uncle and the brother of Aros pretty much.

Snowstorm: He is the son of a certain canon x canon character pairing that i support once you see the pic i did of him you will be able to guess easy on who his mother and father are and all.

Stormbolt: He is a friend of Snowstorm and the son of another certain canon x canon pairing too it is a surprise for now but i willing to let others guess on what it is and all.

Icestar: Snowstorm's sister .

Rosebell: Stormbolt's sister.

Tiger: Scorpion's son ( his name Tiger will fit for him since he will have some stripes on his armor abit ).

Midnight : Son of Bi-Han (the older sub-zero i got no idea on who should be his mother yet though but he is going to have a personality close to that of his father ).

Eclipse: He is a newer character of mine he is going to be Ermac's son but i have no idea on who should be his mother though and i am still working out on what colors to use him but he looks just like his father in looks anyway.
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( This is just a info sheet for the DC and Teen Titans verison of Natalia since i will be using that verison of her many times in roleplays for sure anyway here is a info sheet about her too).

Name: Natalia.

Full Name: Natalia Maria Clark.

Older brothers: Leoking (half blooded brother) and Mario (twin brother full blooded).

Older Sisters: Feva and Tora (half blooded ).

Mother: Aldina ( Still alive and well).

Father: Frank ( no longer alive ).

Adopted Father: David ( still alive but does not live anywhere with Natalia though since he left her with her mother while she was still a teen).

Adopted Mother: Judith ( No longer alive ).

Status: Single ( she used to have a lover but she broke up with him though after he betrayed her though).

Enemies: Rox , Modana, Gable, Most evil forces that are againest heros.

Friends: ( in progress i am waiting to see if anyone wants to offer any of thier characters as her friends or be like family to her).

Likes: Roses, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Playing violens, Being with her friends, Swimming, Shooting practice targets, Helping others, Animals, Dancing, Listening to Music and many other things. Singing (at rare times she is really shy about singing in front of others but she got a cute and beautiful voice though even though she does not think so).

Dislikes: Bullies, Killing without a good reason, Seeing her friends or family being harmed, Losing someone close to her, Being betrayed or lied to, Losing contorl of her anger or hurting someone without meaning to, Evil forces and some other things.

Personality: Shy and timid but tough and serious too, She will not pause to protect those she cares about and she is loyal and understanding too . She can handle fighting well too and she is not scared to take on tough tests to show that she can be strong just as any male fighter can. She will often offer to hug or give comfort to her friends when they are feeling down too. She can sometimes get stressed easy or snap at others without meaning to but she always says she is sorry if she snaps at them without meaning to though. Sometimes she can also be abit hard on herself at times too.

Weapons: Shotguns , Swords but she will use any weapon that she can get her hands on though but she does like using knifes and guns weapons the most in battles or for defending herself.

Powers: She can shapeshift and can hold her breath underwater for long hours at a time. She can also move fast too and is good at counter attacking her enemies or catching them by surprise she also gifted with healing powers and knows some element magic.

Weakness: She can sometimes be too soft hearted at times and that can be sometimes used againest her . She also can get stressed easy it pushed too much .

Well first off i love making new friends and i am very kind and understanding and all as well and i am good at listening to others who need someone to talk to as well.

I am also a huge digimon fan too and i love roleplaying digimon a great deal.

I'm diagnosed with mild Aspergers ( i hontestly did not even know this for a long time until now when i found a doctor's paper about it my adopted mother never really told me about that much ) It is only minor though thankfully but i still tend to forget things alot or have a short term memory of things and i also get tired easy.

I am also a huge fan of star wars and i love all the movies as well as the cartoon series as well too and all as i have many star wars characters of my own to prove that fact and all.

I love roleplaying a whole lot and i am always open to try all kinds of roleplays with others and all since after all Roleplaying is fun and helps me act out my characters and think of very good background storys for them and what thier personalitys are like as well.

I am also a very huge kirby fan too and i love kirby and have a lot of kirby ocs of my own same goes for having alot of spyro ocs too since i love spyro too.

I admit to the fact that i do love and like Yaoi aka Slash and Mature stuff and all .

I love anything that has to do with robots and all as well too as i love Power rangers and Transformers as well as Guyver and many others kinds of shows as well but i am also a huge fan of Predator and Aliens as well but i also a huge fan of Pokemon too though and one my most fave pokemons is Darkrai and all Also love Digimon and Power Rangers and many other shows and stuff my gallery pretty shows on everything that i love and like the most.

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Most of my artwork and storys are all about my own characters and all and i have many characters of my own as well too and they all have a part of me that makes them speical in thier own way.

My deviantart family:

:iconbardock-x-april-4evr: : Crazy girl with a lion heart.

:iconscourgexnazo2: : My Niece.

:iconvoxeylion: My pet lion

:icontehcrzynintendogirl: One of my sisters and close friends.

:iconshena92: Another one of DA sisters

:iconmonsterpanhead: One of my DA brothers.

:icondust-y-x: Another one of my DA sisters

:iconsisi-nalita: One of my DA cousins

:iconkiryudragoness: Another one of my close sisters who means alot to me.

:iconmike600: One of my many DA brothers

:iconmusicandartismylife: My Insane Sister Guardian.

:iconj-wolfe15: One of my DA brothers.

:iconabsolhunter251: Another sister of mine

:iconmagmarock: Another sister of mine.

:iconsophiarocks: My Predacon Niece.

:icontexmoder: One of my DA Brothers.

:iconsub-dragon08: Another close sister of mine .

:iconyinspd: One of my many sisters again XD

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:iconliongirl2289: Another one of my DA sisters darn i got alot of sisters XD

:iconchameleonist: Another one of my many sisters who means alot to me.

:iconladybeemetabeefan: Another DA Sister of mine.

:icontiakay: My fairy godsister.

My adopted daughter : Star ( a oc who belongs to :iconstarhavenfireheart: )

My Nephew: Shadowstorm

:iconbumblebeegirl1234: : My Little sister

:iconwhite-dragon-1684: : My DA brother

:iconbluemetabee: My DA cousin.

:iconsky-the-ripper: Another one of my DA sisters.

:iconninjaanimehero: Another one of my many da sisters who means alot to me and i would protect with my life.

:iconprincess-okimaka039: Another one of my many sisters .

:iconmarcospsychic: : One of my Da brothers

:iconchristianathealicorn: : My little sister

:iconfcdrawer4ever: : My crazy sonic girl sister.

:iconbrittanymiller5: : My pet female Scourge.

:iconkiaraxkovu: : My dragon cat

:iconliepardmon555: : My other daughter.

:iconlpssparkle123: : Another sister of mine

:iconlightning28335: : One of my protecters.

:iconcarameja: : My Insane Niece XD

:iconwario-girl: : One of my many close sisters who i care about deeply.

:iconraptor-beast: : Another sister of mine XD i got alot of sisters now.

:iconthe-dark-fallen: : Another one of my sisters.

:iconarcticstarwhitestorm: : Another sister of mine again XD

:iconfanaticalpokeblack: : My pet bunny.

:iconinsane-corner-cat: :My Dragon.

OptimusPrime-TFPrime: My brother from another universe.

:iconaceikith-alain: : one of my brothers.

:iconashleyccyaoi: : Another little sister of mine.

:iconroyalcanterlot-rps: : My father.

:iconcolresslawliet: : One of my brothers

:iconlionponyharvestking: : My little sister

:iconwolftales1: :My Niece.

:iconbardock-sama: : A very loyal friend .

:iconlightsshadow03: : One of my brothers.

:iconmate-of-bardock: : My sister in law.

Novaxthexstar: One of my deviantart sisters.

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:iconstellarwatcher:: My awesome twin sister.

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:icontwilightdragon01: : My blue berry muffin eating dragon.

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:icondeceptipanther: : My DA son.

pony-adopts-and-more: My pet rainbow wolf

jesterCatNip: My normal colored and other pet wolf.

:iconcheesy-llama13: : My crazy younger sister who is half Llama.

allgod: My pet Nyan cat.

:iconlovela-wolf-of-stars: : The wolf girl that creeps around my window.

:iconartemisdragonheart: My half dragon sister who loves chocolate and sushi.

:iconcloneace: : My DA little sister

:iconghost-messorem: : Another DA son of mine

Current Residence: Tericera azores
Favourite genre of music: Any music that has to do wth romance
Favourite style of art: pen style or paint style.
Wallpaper of choice: Transformers Armada
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus prime, Samus aran, ghost rider, iron man,captian rex, and many others
Personal Quote: trust in yourself and you will be happy for life

Note: Also feel free to draw or use any of my characters at anytime you like i will not mind it at all so long as you let others know that the characters are mine at least love seeing others draw and use my characters in stories after all also if you want to pair or have any of your own ocs related to any of my characters or be friends with them just ask me .

Also all of my characters are open for breeding so if you want to breed any of your ocs with them let me know it costs 1 point or a trade to breed with any of them though some of them might cost 2 or 3 points to breed with depending on which oc you want to breed with .…


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I would be glad to do characters trades and requests for points too depending on what the requests or character trade for points are pretty much .

Will give a llama badge to anyone who gives me 100 points too since i do have some llamas that i want to give away for points .

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