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This gallery will mostly have drawings of my many kinds of characters as well as storys that will have my characters in them and all and mostly things and shows that i love alot too and all .



hey anyone there? XD
Sat Nov 21, 2015, 4:34 PM
That are fun but my going to be gone july >.< My shout qult as hell O.o
Sun May 25, 2008, 9:13 AM
*giggles abit * well i have no idea on who give me a subscribed but i am glad that they did that and all though *smiles *
Fri May 23, 2008, 5:52 AM
You have a shout out box >.> OMG time to shout out thing >.>
Thu May 15, 2008, 7:45 AM



Yeah my mood is still pretty negative and going on and off alot. If i am slow on replying to roleplays or it takes a long time for me to get any requests or commissions or anything like that done please be patient with me. I still am going through alot lately and my mood keeps swinging around and i been having more trouble staying happy then normal and i feel alittle not normally withdrawn and uneasy somewhat too. I am trying very hard to keep up with doing the stuff that i love while trying to keep up with doing other things here on DA too and all. I still feel alittle left out and upset for certain reasons and all but meh feel free to talk to me about it in notes if you wish i am not looking for pity just want to let others know on how i been feeling lately and all that is it. So if i owe anything to anyone sorry it may be a few days for me to get anything that i owe done but i will get to them when i feel more better and up to doing them i won't forget them i promise you on that. I have often a very low stamia (spelled that wrong) so i can get very tired easy and drained heck i can't even run for very long like most people can and i quickly run out of energy if i try to run or move things around and all i don't know on why that is but it is. I also go very slow on doing things and i can never do things more quicker and it takes me often hours just to do one thing alone. For now i am just doing some pics of my own ocs for a while until i feel like doing other things and all since doing pics of my own ocs seems the best way to help take my mind off my stress and calm me down a little. I am hoping to get more chances to also roleplay my assassin's creed ocs more too since i been in a high assassin's creed mood lately and all and i want to roleplay more using my assassin's creed ocs pretty much so if someone wants to do a assassin's creed roleplay with me or a crossover roleplay would work too then let me know. I am not sure on why i keep on having such bad mood swings or often on why i often feel so upset but yeah i might just have alot on my mind that is all and am just going through alot. Feel free to roleplay with me though even if i may be very slow on replying and all or just talk with me abit since that is okay too even when i am in a bad mood or am upset i am always still willing to talk to others and be friendly and playful with them a part of my kind side that i am glad to have.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: nightwish music
  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: youtube videos


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
My other account that i use for roleplaying my mortal kombat ocs mostly aimed for Eclipse but i roleplay my other mortal kombat ocs from there too: :iconeclipsethelostsoul: .

( This is just a info sheet for the DC and Teen Titans verison of Natalia since i will be using that verison of her many times in roleplays for sure anyway here is a info sheet about her too).

Name: Natalia.

Full Name: Natalia Maria Clark.

Older brothers: Leoking (half blooded brother) and Mario (twin brother full blooded).

Older Sisters: Feva and Tora (half blooded ).

Mother: Aldina ( Still alive and well).

Father: Frank ( no longer alive ).

Adopted Father: David ( still alive but does not live anywhere with Natalia though since he left her with her mother while she was still a teen).

Adopted Mother: Judith ( No longer alive ).

Status: Single ( she used to have a lover but she broke up with him though after he betrayed her though).

Enemies: Rox , Modana, Gable, Most evil forces that are againest heros.

Friends: ( in progress i am waiting to see if anyone wants to offer any of thier characters as her friends or be like family to her).

Likes: Roses, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Playing violens, Being with her friends, Swimming, Shooting practice targets, Helping others, Animals, Dancing, Listening to Music and many other things. Singing (at rare times she is really shy about singing in front of others but she got a cute and beautiful voice though even though she does not think so).

Dislikes: Bullies, Killing without a good reason, Seeing her friends or family being harmed, Losing someone close to her, Being betrayed or lied to, Losing contorl of her anger or hurting someone without meaning to, Evil forces and some other things.

Personality: Shy and timid but tough and serious too, She will not pause to protect those she cares about and she is loyal and understanding too . She can handle fighting well too and she is not scared to take on tough tests to show that she can be strong just as any male fighter can. She will often offer to hug or give comfort to her friends when they are feeling down too. She can sometimes get stressed easy or snap at others without meaning to but she always says she is sorry if she snaps at them without meaning to though. Sometimes she can also be abit hard on herself at times too.

Weapons: Shotguns , Swords but she will use any weapon that she can get her hands on though but she does like using knifes and guns weapons the most in battles or for defending herself.

Powers: She can shapeshift and can hold her breath underwater for long hours at a time. She can also move fast too and is good at counter attacking her enemies or catching them by surprise she also gifted with healing powers and knows some element magic.

Weakness: She can sometimes be too soft hearted at times and that can be sometimes used againest her . She also can get stressed easy it pushed too much .

Desertstorm Journal Doll by Cece-Edgars-Sister

Well first off i love making new friends and i am very kind and understanding and all as well and i am good at listening to others who need someone to talk to as well.

I am also a huge digimon fan too and i love roleplaying digimon a great deal.

I'm diagnosed with mild Aspergers ( i hontestly did not even know this for a long time until now when i found a doctor's paper about it my adopted mother never really told me about that much ) It is only minor though thankfully but i still tend to forget things alot or have a short term memory of things and i also get tired easy.

I am also a huge fan of star wars and i love all the movies as well as the cartoon series as well too and all as i have many star wars characters of my own to prove that fact and all.

I love roleplaying a whole lot and i am always open to try all kinds of roleplays with others and all since after all Roleplaying is fun and helps me act out my characters and think of very good background storys for them and what thier personalitys are like as well.

I am also a very huge kirby fan too and i love kirby and have a lot of kirby ocs of my own same goes for having alot of spyro ocs too since i love spyro too.

I admit to the fact that i do love and like Yaoi aka Slash and Mature stuff and all .

I love anything that has to do with robots and all as well too as i love Power rangers and Transformers as well as Guyver and many others kinds of shows as well but i am also a huge fan of Predator and Aliens as well but i also a huge fan of Pokemon too though and one my most fave pokemons is Darkrai and all Also love Digimon and Power Rangers and many other shows and stuff my gallery pretty shows on everything that i love and like the most.

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---██--- you're a Christian

Most of my artwork and storys are all about my own characters and all and i have many characters of my own as well too and they all have a part of me that makes them speical in thier own way.

My deviantart family:

:iconbardock-x-april-4evr: : Crazy girl with a lion heart.

:iconscourgexnazo2: : My Niece.

:iconvoxeylion: My pet lion

:iconrainbowcolorwolf: One of my most close friends here on DA who means alot to me.

:iconscarletbloodravenous: My loyal friend.

:iconpurpleshadowbooster: Another DA sister of mine.

:iconmizlilpitbull100: My DA Niece (spelled that wrong i know ).

:iconthenerdwhosaysni: One of my sisters and close friends.

:iconshena92: Another one of DA sisters

:iconmetalhead-777: One of my DA brothers.

:iconsassysunshinegal: Another one of my DA sisters
:iconphoenix-r-fireheart: My DA little sister.
:iconsisi-nalita: One of my DA cousins

:iconscionlight34: The writer with a dragon obsession

:iconkiryuswaggindragon: Another one of my close sisters who means alot to me.

:iconmike600: One of my many DA brothers

:iconmusicandartismylife: My Insane Sister Guardian.

:iconj-wolfe15: One of my DA brothers.

:iconabsolhunter251: Another sister of mine

:iconmagmarock: Another sister of mine.

:iconsophiarocks: My Predacon Niece.

:iconappokalipssurvivor: One of my DA Brothers.

:iconying-yang-dragon-07: Another close sister of mine .

:iconlordvadernihilus: One of my many sisters again XD

:iconredshadow1234: Again another one of my sisters

:iconliongirl2289: Another one of my DA sisters darn i got alot of sisters XD

:iconchameleonist: Another one of my many sisters who means alot to me.

:iconladybeemetabeefan: Another DA Sister of mine.

:icontiakay: My fairy godsister.

My DA Niece : Star ( a oc who belongs to :iconstarhavenmoonbeam: )

My Nephew: Shadowstorm

:iconbumblebeegirl1234: : My Little sister

:iconwhite-dragon-1684: : My DA brother

:iconbluemetabee: My DA cousin.

:iconsky-the-ripper: Another one of my DA sisters.

:iconninjaanimehero: Another one of my many da sisters who means alot to me and i would protect with my life.

:iconprincess-okimaka039: Another one of my many sisters .

:iconmarcospsychic: : One of my Da brothers

:iconspooky-strawberry: : My little sister

:iconfcdrawer4ever: : My crazy sonic girl sister.

:iconbrittanymiller5: : My pet female Scourge.

:iconkiaraxkovu: : My dragon cat

:iconliepardmon555: : My other daughter.

:iconlpssparkle123: : Another sister of mine

:iconlightning28335: : One of my protecters.

:iconcarameja: : My Insane Niece XD

:iconwario-girl: : One of my many close sisters who i care about deeply.

:iconraptor-beast: : Another sister of mine XD i got alot of sisters now.

:iconthe-dark-fallen: : Another one of my sisters.

:iconarcticstarwhitestorm: : Another sister of mine again XD

:iconfanaticalpokeblack: : My pet bunny.

:iconinsane-corner-cat: :My Dragon.

OptimusPrime-TFPrime: My brother from another universe.

:iconaceikith-alain: : one of my brothers.

:iconashleyccyaoi: : Another little sister of mine.

:iconroyalcanterlot-rps: : My father.

:iconcolresslawliet: : One of my brothers

:iconlionponyharvestking: : My little sister

:iconwolftales1: :My Niece.

:iconghostinferno: My little sister.

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:iconmate-of-bardock: : My sister in law.

Novaxthexstar: One of my deviantart sisters.

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:iconstellarwatcher:: My awesome twin sister.

:icontoadettegal-tk: : Another of my many sisters on here .

:icontwilightdragon01: : My blue berry muffin eating dragon.

:iconlonelysoul45: : One of my brothers.

:iconsilver-booster: My daughter.

:iconghostiibear: : My pet dragon that plays Portal 2 in the basement .

:icondusty-mew: : One of my sisters.

:iconclonetroopsrule344: : One of my many sisters here on DA.

:iconcoolterra342: : One my close sisters who means alot to me.

:iconmedabotandronica: : Another one of my many sisters.

:iconthe-irish-clover: : My brother.

:iconshadowflower55: : Yet again another sister of mine.

:icondeceptipanther: : My DA son.

:iconlickried: My Warrior creature.

pony-adopts-and-more: My pet rainbow wolf

jesterCatNip: My normal colored and other pet wolf.

:iconcheesy-llama13: : My crazy younger sister who is half Llama.

allgod: My pet Nyan cat.

:iconlovela-wolf-of-stars: : The wolf girl that creeps around my window.

:iconartemisdragonheart: My half dragon sister who loves chocolate and sushi.

:iconcloneace: : My DA little sister

:iconghost-messorem: : Another DA son of mine

Current Residence: Tericera azores
Favourite genre of music: Any music that has to do wth romance
Favourite style of art: pen style or paint style.
Wallpaper of choice: Transformers Armada
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus prime, Samus aran, ghost rider, iron man,captian rex, and many others
Personal Quote: trust in yourself and you will be happy for life

Note: Also feel free to draw or use any of my characters at anytime you like i will not mind it at all so long as you let others know that the characters are mine at least love seeing others draw and use my characters in stories after all also if you want to pair or have any of your own ocs related to any of my characters or be friends with them just ask me .

Also all of my characters are open for breeding so if you want to breed any of your ocs with them let me know it costs 1 point or a trade to breed with any of them though some of them might cost 2 or 3 points to breed with depending on which oc you want to breed with .…

:iconirefusestamp1plz::iconirefusestamp2plz: I didn't join DA stamp by ARTic-Weather I Don't Smoke by SoraRoyals77 - I think too much - by Yuhon Stamp 2 by Omicron- Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Open Roleplays by Enjoumou I watch people because... by medli20 Ermac Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki Scorpion Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki Stamp: our characters deserve A CHANCE! by Jeshika-Haruno .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel Thank You... by jennyleigh Character design stamp by SA948-Stamps Shut Up About Mary-Sues by nonobadpup My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy Because, Really, Everything Now is One by endler Comment Stamp by Poiizu True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin Too Many OC's Stamp by 9-Silver-Shadow-2 Love Anti Heroes - Red Stamp by TwilightProwler OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares Online friends stamp by Suyy Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw I won't by Clelius Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX Roleplay stamp by Rosli Stamp - I believe. by avacancy animal stamp by musicisinmysoul I love White Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Return the respect please by ChikitaWolf You don't have to agree... by Violet-the-Siberian Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Don't Drink stamp by RichiHart Cat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-club Animal lover. by Monster-Boar Character Stamp by Arpie Beelzemon fan by LadyBeelze Mortal Kombat Fan stamp by HavickArt Turian Stamp by Jocobai Rokusho stamp by LadyBeelze I love Siamese by WishmasterAlchemist Use Bases Stamp by Oobiedoobs I Support My Friends by Foxxie-Chan Stamp of Non-Popularity by Whimsy-Floof Marvel Comics Spider-Girl Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Villains :equal: Love by blazer87 Autobot Lover Stamp by DarthSuki Decepticon Lover Stamp by DarthSuki I love Dinosaurs by WishmasterAlchemist Damn Shyness by AstroZerk Predator lover by Avalancha
I heart Pokemon + Digimon! by ColorMyMemory Boba Fett Fan by TheYUO I still love Dragonball stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie
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Optimus Prime Bayverse Fan by Howie62 Ezio Fan by Howie62 Nightmare Fan by Howie62 Deathstroke Fan by Howie62
Jango Fett Fan by Howie62 Assassin's Creed Fan by Howie62 Godzilla Fan by Howie62 Arno Dorian Fan by Howie62
Edward Kenway Fan by Howie62 SpyroxCynder Fan by Howie62 Ben 10 Series Fan by Howie62Insomniac Fan by Howie62
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Shinx Fan by Howie62 Reshiram Fan by Howie62 Mega Lucario Fan by Howie62 Disney Fan by Howie62
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Might as well ask this but which of my assassins creed ocs do you think is the best what if pairing with Natalia ?(the assassins's creed universe one of her) 

1 deviant said Aldar
1 deviant said Asleo
No deviants said Malance
No deviants said Danton
No deviants said Neron
No deviants said Jiyu
No deviants said Takaros
No deviants said Silver (yes i added in Silver because why not? XD)
No deviants said Zack (though he does get killed however i still adding him here anyway)
No deviants said Dragoon


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I really need some points so that i can adopt and do commissons and stuff like that with others right now i am very low on points and i would be greatful if someone were to give me some points to help me stay with alot of points if you have any points that you don't need you can give them to me if you want to or can give me points just out of kindness too.

I would be glad to do characters trades and requests for points too depending on what the requests or character trade for points are pretty much .

Will give a llama badge to anyone who gives me 100 points too since i do have some llamas that i want to give away for points .

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